Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Picket Gate Corners

I did it! 
Even though worn out erasers reminded of my old persistent math teacher, I dutifully bent once again over the fractions and geometrical shapes scratched on my graph paper. He had never quite convinced me of math talent, but through his many practice sheets, at least he gave some knowledge on how to figure out a new block for my quilt!
So, today...I finally have my picket fence corner blocks!
My concern was to square off my "Butterflies in a Garden" quilt border just like a garden fence!

I drew what I was picturing in my head with the desire to have easy geometrical shapes fit together nicely, finishing with an 8" block for each corner. It was the corner post that challenged me because I wanted the picket fence to meet in the corner, turn sharply and finish with the sky still above the fence.
As I worked, I wrote a list of needed measurements, and cut them out for a sample. 
2 blue rectangles....1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch each
1 blue square...1 inch sq
1 white square...1 inch sq
1 white square....2 1/2 inch sq

These pieces gave me a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch square.

Then I attached this square to a block made of 3 fence posts trimmed to 3 1/2"tall. This gave me

half of my finished block. I then attached this half to 3 full length fence posts going in the new direction for the continuing look of a fence border.
This little HST made an interesting little post on top of the corner post, and left sky on the outer rim of my border.
I didn't need to change my measurements for fence posts. I found I could just cut my prepared fence posts in half, using the bottom half for another corner's 3 1/2" tall fence posts.
Making fence posts can be found at this site:

Because of the fabric I purchased, I needed to constantly be alert of the NAP. The skylines can best be seen in the above small square, where they turn the corner with the post. Please notice also the look of wood splinters in the white. This changed direction for me along with the seam.
This may be a tad bit OCD for a quilter, but it mattered! So, to keep me from making many mistakes, I ironed each blue square in half, then put them in dishes for RIGHT or LEFT.
I like the result of seeing little wisps of clouds floating horizontally as you would see on a summer day.

I cut, measured over and over, ripping out a seam here or there, and squaring over and over...but finally, with a big sigh, I have a perfectly squared 8" block, with a little bit of flare for a corner post!

I assembled all corner blocks, liking how nicely they came together. So as I leave my sewing center...
all four CORNER blocks sit waiting for the rest of the picket fence!

PS. I think this photo best shows all the lines in the nap and how I turned the fabric to match the horizon lines of the sky! I also like the splintered wood look of the white posts.  
This hasn't been squared yet. :) (no quilting police allowed)

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