Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Virtual Quilting Bee Progress

No better excuse than just being weary of sitting behind a computer screen inside a beautiful home when I could be outside on the patio, at the edge of the pool, reading a book on the hammock, or even speeding along the highways to visit family. There just seems to be special times when one must leave all life's activities 'back home' and just have fun in the sun! That's about sums up my summer months!

So, In the evenings, my computer remained quiet after a cursory glance to update email messages. I've enjoyed the longer warm evenings with gentle breezes and peaceful neighborhood noises. While enjoying the patio, and time with my Don, I prepared many of the would-be project pieces and organized my piles so I would be ready when time with my dear sewing machine became available. I wanted to make my time really profitable when the sewing machine hummed.
I made a list of things needing my attention and crossed out the little projects as they were prepared. I also enjoyed a class at a nearby Sewing Machine Shop where they taught me little tidbits using the variety of machine stitches available with my Janome model.
And finally, I was even free to mark off one full day to be busy as a bee in my sewing room.

With all the fabric cut, I was able to assemble three of the 5 blocks in my "to do" pile. I'm really trying to catch up to those in the Virtual Quilting Bee and The Sassy Quilter. I hope to finish my other two blocks by Friday!

I think I'm going to really like this finished project with the blue swirl as my main background fabric. As I lay the blocks out, I'm leaning on binding with the blue swirl, plus use it for the backing. I especially love the lacy look it gave block #7 and the soft look it added to block #6.

Using Multidot & Delight Layer Cake has challenged me a couple of times. Once or twice, the artist's instructions ask for larger than 10" strips, but in studying the great photos offered, I realized it would just prevent chain sewing now and then. It just took a little thinking to proceed with the 10" squares.

The greater challenge has been to choose one or two designs out of the pile of the wonderful selection of fabric in this Layer Cake. As I cut, I hope the designs I've chosen fit the cuts I'm asking of them. So far, I've been quite pleased at the final layout.

I'm still working on my Picket Fence border for the Butterflies in the Garden BLOCK SWAP and several other projects are nicely coming together, but oh...they will have to be for another post or two!

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