Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Color on the Patio

OK...my sister and I have made the most of her visit. Elder care and quilting has encompassed the entire conversations, with a little education on the computer in the evenings. We are constantly on the alert to meet the needs in care for Dad, but then, during the quiet moments while he naps, we slip upstairs to work on sewing projects.

I couldn't let her accomplish all the quilting projects, (see earlier posts for her projects), so one afternoon, while we shopped for quilting notions, I found this outdoor fabric. I knew it was just the perfect colors in my plans for patio throw pillows.                                           

I decided to quilt by outlining the big flowers and leaves on one side, and on the other side, use a stencil down each of the stripes.
This would give me some practice following traced lines.

With the quilting done, I edged with an added 1/2 inch fabric covered piping.
Even the weight of this piping made it hard to sew, but it made the cover look so finished and refined.

The patio is just outside my Dad's sliding glass door, and I'm trying to create a pleasant garden scene by adding a lot of color in lights and floral planters. His hospital bed faces the door, extending his space to the outside. This latticed wall is in his direct view. These pillows will help bring even more color thrown on the small sofa and a chair.

Oh!...I just added special lights to the patio, too. I'm so excited about these! They are not just lights, but clusters of purple and green grapes. I knew my search for lights had ended when I discovered these in a display at Hobby Lobby. I made them hang from the lattice, and added greenery made them look good enough to pick and eat!

So, dear friend, imagine a patio lit by these lights just as the sun disappears on the horizon, inviting the softening breeze on a leisurely warm summer evening, and drawing me to put my feet up, snuggle a pillow, and enjoy these glowing grapes.