Friday, October 26, 2012


Drawn pattern for REDWORK
Encouraged by a fellow-blogger, the last Friday night of each month is dedicated to a SEW-IN. I have hopes tonight to accomplish the REDWORD for a Quilted Notions Keeper I am making. Although the photo is light, I think you can see my pattern is daisies and will all be sewn with the embroidery back-stitch. (check back later for a finished look)

My evening hopefully will find me relaxing in my living room recliner, while my weary body rests from my ambitious Fall cleaning. Yup, I've already begun to prepare for the Holidays. A smile is pasted on my face because my oven is cleaned, the cabinets dusted, the cans organized, and even the main walls are dusted down from cobwebs and summer dust.

Fabric Choices
Book Photo of Inner Keeper
It's also been a wearily stressful week in my efforts to care for my elderly Dad. He collapsed over the weekend, and by Monday morning, he was so weak he was taken to Hospice House for symptom management. Although, nurses and technicians took over the heavy work, I stayed at the House with him and emotionally worked through all that would be required now for his care. I happily announce that he is resting in his own bed now, and we've had a couple of more peaceful days. Thank you for all your prayers on his behalf and for my concerns.

So, my friends, please join me tonight in FNSI (!
Have fun...and let me know what you accomplished on this wonderful nippy Autumn evening!

Credit for my inspiration of a Notion Keeper was found in the book REDWORK with a TWIST by Pat Sloan. My camera captured a photo in my purchased book for your pleasure. 
Pat's blog site is:


  1. Hi buddy, your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming.

  2. So happy you enjoyed making my project bag!

  3. Wow! Pat Sloan, the author of one of my fun craft books commented!
    What encouragement to finish the project!
    Please check out her books, ladies!