Saturday, October 27, 2012

FNSI Accomplishment

The evening was full of "Dad activity" because he seems to need more and more attention as the sun descends the horizon, but I was able to simply pick up my needle between calls from his bed and accomplish more than I expected.
I am so glad I chose a relaxing project for my FNSI.
10 in square completed!

I completed my 10" square REDWORK of wild daisies and began the 5"square of four-petaled flowers.
Not bad for an evening, I think!

I absolutely love the contrast of garnet embroidery thread against white cotton in REDWORK! I am anxious to assemble my Notions Keeper and tuck it away for a gift!

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  1. Ooh pretty! Yes, I agree. Sometimes it's nice to spend FNSI working on some relaxing hand stitching! So glad you joined.