Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dreams Become a Gift of Love

Since my last post, I've been wearing out the pages of Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy! I read, re-read the techniques Eva Larkin suggests. Then, I draw them in a journal or practice on 12" squares, which I've divided into 4.5" sewing areas! These activities have convinced me that practice does indeed make machine quilting easier. I won't hesitate to put many 12" squares under my needle before I feel comfortable with most of the book's free motion quilting designs. It has really helped me to think and quilt one small space at a time. My hands are beginning to move in a habitual sway now, which is so encouraging.
I have many more white practice squares, but my projects are need some attention, too!

As I care for my elderly Dad with my Hospice team, my heavy heart waits for updates on a very sick older sister. Knowing how hard it must be to only look at hospital colors and feel their stiffness, I fill my head with dreams which someday, hopefully, surrounds this queen of a lady with beauty and softness. Earlier this summer, I heard of a simple need she had, so I made several moisture proof mats for her hospital bed and couch. Just as I finished and had them ready to package, I was asked to hold on to them. She had fallen several times, alerting medical, and causing a period of observation in the hospital.

It seems she is struggling again with the symptoms of her 27 year old battle with brain cancer.

So, while I wait for the mats to be summoned, I've filled more spare time to add another dream to the package. With the leftover stash of pastel colored flannel fabrics, I cut 5 inch squares and assembled them. My hope is to use the techniques I've learned from the Free Motion Quilting book to quilt a soft feminine throw for the times she sits in her wheelchair or recliner.
Today, I finished the top of this little throw. I used 505 to baste  and sandwich it. This morning, I drew the horizontal and vertical lines in each block as Eva did. This quilting will remain quite simple, but hopefully, I've practiced some easy curves of the LOOP well enough to apply them to these squares.

Dear readers, please pray for my sweet older sister who now needs wisdom and endurance for the very basic necessities of life. Pray that she conquers the spirit of fear and allows her heart to rest in her Heavenly Father's Everlasting Arms as He upholds her and gives her the strength for the days ahead.
Thank you.

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