Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally, Thursday's SHOP HOP...

Dawn came early, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't be ready when the girls came to pick me up and begin our journey to the southern shops of KC area! They patiently waited for me to finish making my elderly Dad's plans for the day comfortable, and kissed my little grand daughters goodbye. Then, we were racing down the highway with great expectations to finish the SHOP HOP started on Monday!

Get your stamp here!
Not only were these shops I didn't know existed, but I'd never even been to these towns! Belton, Pleasant Hill, Kingsville, Warrensburg and Higginsville all quaintly welcomed us and the shops were adorable! Each displayed their version of the designated Quilt squares, stamped our passports, offered us great deals on fabric and wished us well on our Safari hop.
Look at Quilt on ceiling!

A day of shopping was so fun in these little shops, and we diligently received our stamps, purchased the kits, and browsed all the other awesome fabrics offered.

We absolutely fell in love with Kingsville's gorgeous shop of hand dyed fabrics and homey atmosphere!
One room in Liberty Homestead

Miniature version of the quilt
I love it!
Look, girls!
LIBERTY HOMESTEAD caught our attention for hours! The miniature version of the quilt was awesome and the whole arrangement of the shop gave us all kinds of ideas for future excursions! Looking like a home from the street, the owners have arranged their shop to accommodate the love quilters have for space, fabric, and retreats! Their hand dyed fabric is exquisite and her many books of instructions and patterns are worth checking out! We know we'll return to this spot often! We gathered all her information, several packages of her special fabrics, and ideas for future projects and sadly left her shop to continue our hopping.

Finalizing our stamped passports
At our last shop, we finalized our passports for the Shop Hop, cast our vote for the best liked quilt, and finished shopping for the odds and ends still left on our list.

Loved this center! 
This shop's personal quilt caught my eye for their originality and the added Autumn center. I've included this photo of it, so you can enjoy the beauty!

Have a splendid Fall and happy quilting!
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  1. I am really really gald that you could make this trip...I can imagine how wonderful the quilts they have...