Monday, October 4, 2010

Donna Days Video

On Friday, our little group had our Sew-n-Share and enjoyed a whole day of cutting out fabric, quilting, and spending more time together. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and spacious room for laying out my plans for my first quilt. I am excited to see little blocks coming together to make such a beautiful array of color. As I placed the blocks down, I could envision this quilt finished someday and hanging on my LR wall. These are my favorite colors and accent almost every room of my home. So, my very first handsewn quilt is finally taking some shape
My favorite colors coming together

Once in awhile, we become silly and put on a demo for the others. I had a new tool for cutting circles that Jenny suggested when I visited MSQC. What a difference it makes to have the right tools! I absolutely love this little "cutter" - especially made for the circle ruler. My friends wanted to see it in action, so I gave a "Jenny Tutorial". I didn't know I was being recorded and chuckle even now as I see the final little snippet of my demo! You can see me being goofy on my girlfriend's blog:
Donna & Jan steadily working on projects
but don't laugh too loudly! It was only my second circle cut! The procedure was much easier as I learned to be at ease with this cutting tool!
Ron joins us bringing his own project!
We have great fellowship as our quilts and projects are slowly pieced together! Each has a table and spread our work out over the room! We have an excellent island counter top in the kitchen for cutting, and another for ironing. It is an awesome setting and allows us to work non-stop on projects, with accomplishments getting cheers from our friends.
Often the guys join us at a table, pretending not to hear our constant chatter, but loving the day spent with us all. Thanks, Ron!

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