Monday, October 4, 2010

Adventurous Safari Shop Hop

Donna & Jan mapping our route

Like any other Monday, I raced around doing the household chores and morning routine; yet, it was different, for everything needed to be done by 8:00, so I could race off to join my friends on our planned SAFARI SHOP HOP.  
While refreshing ourselves with coffee and “monkey bread”, we mapped out our route of the five northern shops, then we excitedly climbed in the car headed to the farthest point and our favorite shop: “Missouri Star Quilt Company”.
"the girls of the shop"
At this shop, it is like meeting old friends! The girls welcomed us, giving us our Safari passports, showing the kits, charms, an awesome "winner's basket", the “Daily Deal” charm packs, and answering our many questions. I wandered over to the cutting table and was not surprised to find Jenny giving a tutorial on short cuts for the Dresden pattern. Wow! I love her demonstrations! She is so awesome, making any task sound so easy!
Jenny pointed to the MSQC square
As we admired the Kansas Star Quilt, Jenny pointed to the square made my MSQC. Loving the colors of the assembled quilt, it was easy to pick up their packaged kits and pattern and dream of our own personal quilt! Our minutes in the shop clicked away to hours making us sadly realize we needed to leave our favorite place to continue the tour of shops. So, we headed for Kearney’s “Sew Bee It”, and realizing it was close to the lunch hour, we discussed lunch plans with a Mexican flavor close by the shop. 
Celebrities visit Kearney!
Each shop surprised us with the beauty of their star, and their personal arrangement of the designated squares.  We spent quality time in each shop, admiring the array of fabrics and supplies each carried. I enjoyed meeting the shop owners and observing the personalities of the individual shops with the many displayed quilts hanging on the walls.
Quilts and kits were easy to find!

When the day ended, we carried away our little totes of supplies, kits, patterns, and visions of our imagined creations. But, the SAFARI SHOP HOP wasn’t finished…
There were 5 more shops waiting for our next free day (Thursday) when we could head south of Kansas City and discover shops never visited before!

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  1. Beautiful Sampler quilt on the wall. It looks like a nice place to shop for kits.