Sunday, September 5, 2010


It was absolutely amazing! My four friends chose the day for a field trip and we piled into the largest van and took off for Hamilton, MO. One of them had found "the coolest Quilt Shop website" and the address was close enough for a day's excursion! Quietly two admitted to their tryst and day's excursion to spy out the place, begging a guilt trip for shopping without us. They tried every possible excuse for why they came across the location weeks before telling us what they found!
"I'm here! I'm finally here!"

What fun we had! Chatting and catching up on the summer past, we covered the miles quickly and pulled up next to a corner store. Photos had to be taken immediately for the explorer, but she struggled to pose as she danced a jig at the entrance into the place of her website!

Even the bathroom had displays!
Inside, I stood amazed. A colorful array of quilts lined the walls, and stacks of charms, jellyrolls, and bolts decorated each wall. I was drawn to the Autumn color pallet of fabrics across the first room and found beautiful charms in navy, gold, and garnet! I knew a pile of those would be in my shopping bag before I left the store!

Jenny, the store owner, greeted us enthusiastically, as did her husband and daughter! Jenny pointed out the Daily Special Rack and began a story of why this special was one of her favorites. From that conversation, she jumped to several "shortcuts" we'd enjoy. When our faces told her we were not picturing her lesson,
Right then, she taught us the short cuts!
she pulled open a drawer under her cutting board and with a "Let me show you!" began one of many demonstrations we saw in our field trip. I cannot tell you how many simple tricks she taught us in such a short time. She also made me think I could accomplish great things with the little blocks, the long strips and the tools hanging on the walls around us!
Jenny showed us many new tools
If you love quilting, please find some time to click on their shop website and enjoy all they offer or give yourself a treat and drive to Hamilton, MO!
Their website: And wow...great tutorials are in store for you at this site!
Here's the beauty of it!

And just for a quick note, I want to thank my awesome girlfriends for planning such a wonderful day of shopping, lunch, and just being together.
You all made a special memory for me!
And my vote is: "Let's do it again real soon!"


  1. time you go, I'll tag along....! You looke so pretty in the new picture...:)

  2. I love that she showed you some tutorials right there in person!!

  3. Sounds like the perfect day!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, but I think you have mistaken me for someone else, re traveling to see my mom.

  4. Thanks for the post! I've seen their website and would love to go, but I'm way too far away (in CA) at least this way I got to go through you! It sounds like a wonderful place. Thanks!

  5. Hai Deby...
    You are very lucky to be able to visit Missouri Star co..hiks..hiks..