Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fabric Mural on Display

The onslaught of preparation for VBS at our church found me with paint brush in hand and a twin sheet draped across my plastic covered cutting table. This summer's theme "SeaQuest" was developed by RBP who also provided color pages of deep sea diving for class activities. I especially liked the treasure chest scene, so using a projector, I enlarged it and made a sparkling display mural. The results were life-like and stunning. Eyes were drawn to the jewels in the chest, but hopefully during the week, it also suggested to the kids and helpers alike that there is need to dive deeper in the study of God's Word to discover the true treasures of knowledge God wants His children to find.
This mural displayed in the hallway about a month prior to the week of the program to advertise the theme and initiate excitement for the upcoming event.

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