Saturday, September 18, 2010, I didn't relax!

I know it was Friday sew-in night, but I didn't have a place to sew in! We now have 4 generations living under one roof for several months, and to make that possible, the little family has the main house and we moved to the only space left - the garage. We constructed a beautiful 12 x 11 bedroom in front our parked car area, and then carpeted the second front part of the garage for a sitting room/sewing room. Of course, there are boxes everywhere, a make-shift closet hung using an antique ladder,
and much to sort through and give away...yet, we love the comfort and coziness of seeing our plans fit together. This part of the house is now our favorite little haven!
So, while most of you were sewing up a storm, I was looking for a place to sew in my new garage setting!
I looked at our "stuff" - piles of boxes, gadgets, and tools, and wondered how I could make a homey and pleasant corner! With the help of my Grandmother's antique quilt -  sewn in 1920's and hidden away in her hope chest, I covered clutter. It makes such a pretty wall and hides the storage boxes yet to be sorted! Then I added her rocking chair and sewing box to my corner. My husband's tools are stored in the cabinet, but even that fit the decor!
Now, to make it fair and to participate in the actual Sew-In Night, I sat on my comfy bed and stitched  2 - 8" blocks together. I hope that counts!  I have a long way to go, but I am so happy to have my sewing room set up and ready to create once again! I want my very first attempt at quilting by machine to be the postage stamp quilt! I cannot wait to get started!
Happy "Show n Tell" to all of you! Debi


  1. Hello Debi! Nice to meet you!
    I love what you did - SO CREATIVE! I have five grown children and we have quite a crowd on holidays and grandchildren yet, but everyone brings a puppy or a kitten and I have a IT GETS CRAZY!
    You made this very very comfy...speaks volumes to your talents!
    Thank you for coming by my are all entered! I love meeting new people out here in blogland - and meeting my sisters in Christ makes it EVEN better!
    Can't wait to see what your quilt looks like!

  2. Wow Debi...I can imagine...but it looks gooooood alltogether! Can wait to see your creations....

    love always,