Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Avatar!

I don't know much about computer technology, and what does happen while I click often is a result of someone's kindness in helping me, directing me, or pointing me to the better path. That's what happened this morning! My new online friend, Blondie, always has such awesome graphics to welcome people on a forum, or greet friends in messages, and so on. I commented on how much I love these, and she helped me make an avatar for my own identity. It is so awesome! It so fits me!
I just know that she took the time to get to know me and probably read something about what I like on this blog! She saw in her search something about how I enjoy a cup of tea with a friend, and how I absolutely love to decorate anything I can with lace, and then, she picked the soft hues of pink that catches the softness of life I enjoy so much. Finally, she chose the rose, a flower I definitely enjoy in gardens and place on a decorated table while readying for tea time!
Well, here is what she chose for me!
Isn't it gorgeous?
And to add a wonderful finishing touch, she added my name!
Oh! Thank you, so much, Blondie! I absolutely love it!