Project Piles

OK, for me, organization requires a list! 
I've had enough of piles and unfinished projects! 
So, I've spent this day dividing my sewing room mountains into 3 piles. 
2 gallon bag per project
Then, I placed each project in a giant sized plastic bag, and labeled it. I gathered and included everything needed for each specific project. 
Finally, I placed each bag in a clear plastic crate. 
The pile mountain is gone and the three categories look do-able!
My sewing area looks neat, at least for a day!  
Now, with enthusiasm, I open my first large project bag, dreaming of making a new pile labeled "COMPLETED".

This process has really helped me stay on track, know what to buy, and seeing my accomplished projects have encouraged me so much during this season of elderly care giving with my Dad.

Finished Gift of Love
1. Color Burst Hand Stitching - DONE!
2. White Color Burst Dresden
3. Burgundy/Navy stitched
4. Flannel Throw for Dale - DONE!

Autumn Wall Hanging
1. Christmas bed liners
2. Pillow Fronts
3. Brown BOM 2012
4. Kansas Trouble BOM 2011
5. Mug Rugs
6. Disappearing Nine Patch/Flowers
7. Christmas Adorable Tree Skirt
8. True Love Quilt
Tea Towel Apron
9. Northern Cardinal
10. Autumn Leaves Quilt
11. Waterproof Bed Mats for Dale - DONE!
12. Waterproof Bed Mats for Dad - DONE!
13. Give Thanks wall hanging - DONE!

                           1. Bibs - Some DONE!
                           2. Sun Dress - DONE!
                           3. Sweater Wrap
                           4. White dress for Baby - decided not to do
                           5. Night shirt
                           6. Tea Towel Aprons (4) -
                           7. Dresses for the girls dressup -
                           8. Dresses for the girls' play -
                           9. Pillow Cases - Some DONE!

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