Monday, September 30, 2013

Coffee vapors

Autumn breezes chill the room as they gently shuffle the sheer curtains bordering the open windows and draw my attention to the vapor lifting off my steaming hot mug of comforting and aromatic coffee. The steam's disappearance causes me to compare how quickly September has evaporated from our lives.
Tomorrow's journal page will begin another colorful month yet it also warns of colder days racing towards my snug little home. Cicadas' songs bombard my normally silent room yet I smile because I hear the laughter of neighborhood kids jumping off the school bus with happy feet running to spend some free time riding bikes or bouncing on a nearby trampoline.

Emptied suitcases huddle in the guest room reminding me of our final summer road trip. At the start of the month, we rushed toward a beloved southern home to enjoy the toddling of a little one while stealing some precious moments with her parents. Not only do the colors and cool air of September make it my favorite, but we celebrate the whole month for bringing our baby girl to us years ago. Now, treasured moments of repeatedly reading little cardboard books, hearing soft giggles and hearing a baby attempting to make words are carried into this new Autumn month.

On each of our road trips, I love crossing the Mississippi and expectantly look for the beautiful St Louis arch rising on our horizon. It shouts "come back soon" or "welcome back" into the sky as the car speeds cautiously through the annual ongoing construction lanes.
The pleasant voice from an audio book played out dramatic scenes for our imaginations and filled our quiet car hours as I sat in the passenger seat next to my favorite guy. We love these road trips when we're only reminded of the summer heat as we stepped out of the car to stretch.

I stitched away the travel hours with fun little hand embroidered coffee scenes. Not really sure what the finished project will be, I still found these little squares fun to stitch.

Then in a little quilting shop, I surprisingly found some coffee themed fabric to border these muslin squares. I'm thinking I'll be warmed in the coming wintery days when the breeze turns to harsh winds and the closed windows hold the sketches of Jack Frost.

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