Thursday, August 15, 2013

Connected by more than a thread?

The luxury of hammock lounging on a free summer day in the most awesome breeze and unimaginable pleasant August temperatures came to a standstill this morning when my phone rang requesting a fill in at the front desk for the remainder of the week.

Abruptly our lives take sudden changes in which, if we're willing, we can learn a peace produced in flexibility. The quick decision to fill in for others teaches us how fragile our own control of circumstances, time, activities, and schedule really is. Those who are making unscheduled changes in their routine can also learn the value of connection with others. There is great blessing in allowing others to help fill in the gaps made by abrupt plan changes and possibly awaken a sense of our reliance on others. There is also the other side for those who enter an open door to serve another and find joy and receive blessings while filling in for someone's day and schedule.

So, each of my plans for this beautiful day screeched to a halt as my body raced into gear to prepare for my arrival at the office. As I gathered all I'd need for an office day, I mentally browsed my list for possible speedy cheats on personal wanted accomplishments, such as tossing a quick load of laundry in, and spot-cleaning the breakfast nook. Glad for the habit of advanced food prep, a couple of crock pots were filled and turned on for a supper to await our end of day return and packed containers for lunch were quickly grabbed to suffice a grumbling tummy.
Glancing at the clock, I found moments to linger over a prepared breakfast fruit dish and catch the scope of the Fox Daily News Alerts.

It's odd how an event can make us aware of others and their reactions. The news made it apparent that sudden and immediate changes impacting others in tremendous ways were happening in all parts of the globe. My little rush to the office was minute when hearing the horrible news of a plane crash, and thoughts of families affected with morning phone calls took on a deeper meaning. Other news portrayed long-term changes that took health, the loss of children, weather-related damaged homes, and so on. The reality of tragedy awakening many this morning made my schedule change seem so small and unimportant. It also posed the question of how any of these people could have prepared for such sudden tragic change and the inevitable new path carved by the news. 

So, on this "What are you doing, Wednesday?" Blog Hop #16, I find myself filling a vacated chair, browsing a strange computer while answering many phone lines to direct callers to correct department for problem solving. As I work, I pray for those who faced the challenges today, but it also reminded me of just how blessed I am by happy moments, pleasant greetings, office friendships, and opportunities to speak kindly to apprehensive voice connections on the other end of phones. To top off this wonderful day, I was honored by two extraordinary little visitors traveling through my city. They lingered in my office area to be with me while parents had meetings with other office staff. We had a great time catching up on the years we've been apart. There's not much more precious in my life than my little friends around the world.

My simple schedule change caused contemplation for the lives my voice will touch today. I wonder if their requests are being made to compensate for sudden changes announced into their schedules and lives. And what about beyond these office walls to those televised changes in lives struck by tragedy? .Are the structures of those lives solid and secure? Will they withstand the storm? Are those hurting people connected to others who have flexible schedules? Will they reach out and find help? Have connections been made to help them cope now with damaging changes brought by a morning phone call?

How important it is to be CONNECTED to others in this life!

When the course of our path changes, we need more than a face book of unknowns.
We need each other.
So, how are your connections? Are they real and personal and ready to weather storms in life?
I'm praying I stay aware of abrupt changes happening around me, and in spite of my busyness, I intentionally connect with flexibility whenever the phone rings.

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