Monday, July 9, 2012


I bought this cutting board TOTE from Hancock Fabrics and absolutely love the convenience and safety of carrying my cutting board to my sewing circle. My only wish was a need for more pockets.
So, I thought I would be clever and make "pages". On one side of each page, I could add the needed pockets, custom sizing them to fit my collection of rulers with the safety of padding on the other side..
I purchased 1 yd chocolate quilted fabric, 1 yd of clear medium weight plastic, and 1/4 yd cotton fabric resembling the cover. With the cotton, I made binding strips and then I measured the depth and width for the pockets I needed and marked them on the plastic.

I had never sewn on plastic before, and found the see-through appearance and the glare very difficult. I needed the largest stitches, so the plastic wouldn't be too tightly perforated and rip. Sewing progressed slowly as I put the binding on each clear strip.
Finally, I was able to sew the plastic strips to the chocolate quilted fabric following the markings to make the needed pockets.
The difficult task came when it was time to attach the pages to the zippered cover. I centered them within the zippered part, connecting the bottom of each page with one straight seam to the base of the carrier.

Now there are custom-made pockets where all my shaped rulers are nicely stored away with my cutting board and a padded ironing space! 
Wherever I tote my zippered carrier, I have all my tools safely tucked away, ready to measure, cut, square, and iron any on-going quilting project.

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  1. Hi Debi!
    What a beautiful pocketed tote you now have! What a nifty project! Congratulations on a great project and thank you for sharing!

    (hope you received my Personal mail a few weeks ago... - take any time you need to respond!).