Friday, June 1, 2012

A New Game

As a common homemaker, my "to do" list determined accomplishment each day. Lately, elderly needs determined much of my time, leaving me discouraged when everything else lies neglected. I find myself just putting off many chores just because interruptions seem to hinder completion.

I'm learning an important lesson, again, this week!
Even when I can't check off "complete", discouragement doesn't have to rule my day!
I know  "Do what you can!" is an old lesson and I've heard that advice often enough, but 'incomplete' still leaves discouragement.

Now, a list is good, but a "complete" no longer determines my perspective!
I'm playing a new game of "how much can I do before...?"!
My game is checking off more items, rather than tasks!

I found I could do 5 shirts in 15 minutes, and my ironing basket shrunk little by little!
My Spring cleaning checked off one room by a 5 minute break to wash the window here, 2 minutes to dust the light fixture there, 15 minutes again to refresh woodwork, and a couple minutes to vacuum. It feels so good to walk passed that one room!

Well, I tried this game in hobby time, too.
Peaceful times to sew a piece here or there are throughout my day now!
          Cutting fabrics and marking them bit by bit took all of one morning's free time.
          Another chance, found me sitting at the machine for a couple of seams.
          Finally, my hot iron creased seams making a new pile for the next sewing time.

PEACE settles deeply when contentment overcomes discouragement.

Whistle while you work really lightens laundry loads, conquers ironing mountains in minutes, and sews quilts by pieces!

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  1. Hello!!! I am so excited to see you on again!!!
    You know, I look often to check on you, so I love it when you not only blog...but even when you come in to say hello!

    I struggle with the same issues of time...and I have to remind myself...this is my one life, one chance to serve and my one chance to encourage a friend...
    Sew...I say, Enjoy the process. It's the only opportunity you will have to enjoy that particular season!

    I have so missed you!!!!