Friday, February 24, 2012

Conquering my dreams

As I entered my sewing room for Friday night SEW-IN, and looked around, the time allotted begged for organization!
And because experience told me to begin with a list, I spent the evening, doing just that and then, rolling up my sleeves for what demanded my attention!

You see, for several weeks, especially as I packed away the holidays, I noticed the mountain creeping taller and taller in my sewing room.  Undone dreams, awesome cottons, quilting magazines, threads, and on and on, it climbed. I could hardly see my sweet Janome behind all the clutter.
Tears of frustration spilled from my eyes often as I browsed through the piles taunting my usual neat surroundings. Quilters often talk about building a "stash", but this was a mess! I realized my only success had been forgetting it by just backing out of my dear room and closing the door behind me.
But oh, how I love to sew!
So with determination, I set to work. First thing I decided to create a page for a project list and try to divide this horrible mountain. I needed to conquer one thing at a time. My PROJECT PAGE shows the 3 chosen categories and a list of dreams already mentally formed with the items already purchased. I vowed that these projects must be completed before I was lured away by any more shopping.
One per project
With my 3 categories and list in hand, I ventured toward my sewing table now, Dreaming hopes began to form knowing I would accomplish more than just looking for items the next time I entered my sewing room!
Including all needed items
I placed each project pattern in a giant sized plastic bag, and labeled it. Then, I gathered and included everything needed for each specific project and placed them in the individual bags. Finally, I placed each bag in a clear plastic crate. This crate was dragged to the closet with the goal of pulling one bag out at a time.
Bins to hold projects
With satisfaction, I glanced around my sewing room. I was proud at how neat and organized it finally looked!  My organization has encouraged me to really sew, rather than spend treasured time hunting for things needed. I no longer have to look for the thread, or shift a pile from one corner to another to make space, or even buy more things and find I didn't need it when I returned home. Now, I can accomplish something when I enter the room and sit at the sewing machine.
A Friday night SEW-IN was well spent. Yesterday, I gladly entered my sewing room and within a couple hours, I was able to make a new pile labeled COMPLETED.
Thanks for the encouragement you gave me through the plans of FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN! 

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  1. Organization does make one feel better, doesn't it? I organize my room again between each project. Well, when I can anyway.