Friday, February 24, 2012

An Assignment of Love

Around my house, a "normal" day has trekked down a new path. 
House calls from Doctors, Nurses, Aides, a Chaplain, and couple of Social Workers coming by to visit my Dad and checking on my care, fill my day. Medicine bottles line the top of the file cabinet, an oxygen machine stands ready near a bedside, and bottles of BOOST cool in the tiny fridge.
Those descriptions should drop the hint that Dad has not improved since the last time I wrote! Every drop-in visit reminds me that he doesn't have much time left of this life, and time spent with him is valuable. There are days when lows hit really low, yet there are also days where energy triumphs over the aging bones.  
Thank all of you for your prayers for us.   

New wall decor on stairway just as we enter Dad's room
My sewing room has a bucket of projects waiting for me. I longingly walk by on my way to my Dad's room, but find I don't have enough energy left to sew when I find my quiet moments. 
I usually shrug and mumble, "Maybe tomorrow!"

But wow, I have to show you this Bible verse! It was so awesome to find this much needed perspective! What incredible comfort is found in God's Word, making me realize that every moment I serve Dad is just an assignment from my Heavenly Father's hand! I found Psalm 16:5 during one of my study times and know that the Lord God was sending me comfort for my fatigue. 
I love teacups and my special times with my Lord and His Word over a cup of tea have been some of my favorite moments in this stage of my life. This verse made me picture my life at God's Tea Time, where He gives me the assignment for each day, never more than can be handled through his grace!

"O Lord, you assigned my portion (a piece of toast) and my cup (of unsweetened tea), my lot (comfy chair) is secure ( which is my position in HIM because of Jesus Christ!)." 

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