Sunday, December 26, 2010

Remember when I won the basket?

Looking back over the year is best accomplished for me with a quiet afternoon to glance through the photo albums I created each month by clearing my camera onto my computer. As I click through the photos, I allow my heart to walk back through the memories and joys once again. It gives me a chance to reflect on all God's blessings for the past year and praise Him for his love. This afternoon, I began in my Sewing/Quilting album, and realized I never posted any photos on that lovely basket I won on the SAFARI SHOP HOP.
Who could resist time with these?
I'm so sorry. Life became so busy and full of my 3 grand daughters being in the states with us. Look...can you blame me?
 The photos were filed, but the script not written for my blog friends to enjoy the basket with me! I also remembered that I saved the photos to blog until my three traveling friends could enjoy the "spoils" with me in person.

So, with no more delay, here are a few snapshots of the wonderful basket. It was packed full with pattern books, a calendar (2008) of patterns, stencils, kits, charm packs, and fat quarters. There was even a pack of batting and several sewing/quilting notions.
Full basket
For my Redwork project
There is so much in this remarkable basket that as a novice quilter, my heart grew faint thinking of all the projects and work it will take to make everything offered in the prize!
My favorite bundle is this red/white fabric. I've already started a Redwork project of antique scenes on muslin, and will use these fabrics to make the border around all each block of embroidery. Another blog will show what I plan to do to join the blocks together with these fabrics, and what the final outcome plan will be for this bundle.

Wrapped in ribbon was my next favorite combination. This pile was an assortment of flannel. I absolutely love the color of burgundy, but when you add a couple of plaid fabrics and top it with a simple floral, my heart is hooked. I have no idea what this grouping will make yet, but I know that something very special will pull all these fat quarters together in a lovable project. Just touching the flannel gives a cuddly feeling.

I offered anything from this whole basket of goodies to my three favorite quilting friends. They "ahhh'd" over each item pulled from the basket and many comments were made as to what they thought they could make with this or that. The final agreement is that they would remember what I had in my quilting box and when it is needed, it would be theirs for the taking. I really want to share it all with them just as they shared their days of shop hoping with me.  Time will tell as our projects evolve which parts of this basket are used by one of us. I just know it will be fun to be together, working on a various of projects and have the availability of all this "stuff" at our fingertips!
We're waiting for the next one!

Seeing the photos of this basket, reminded me again of the good times we had on our road trip and the excitement we had on the SAFARI SHOP HOP.  As a new year comes across the horizon, here's one quilter hoping the shop owners decide to plan another "HOP" really soon!

Have a happy and wonderful new year with your hobbies!

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