Friday, December 17, 2010

The little things...

Quilt hanging for Dad's room
Oh! I am so sorry! This month, 8 technicians guessed which part of the cable made my TV, telephone, and internet shut down! It has been absolutely frustrating, but I think everything that could be replaced, has been!
Is this a good enough excuse why my blog has been so quiet?  
I even messed up on FNSI! Please forgive my neglect! A stored "cheat cloth" caught my attention while cleaning, so for FNSI, I finished this quilt hanging. The artist, Norman Rockwell, is my Dad's favorite artist, although my daughter's work runs a very close second for her Grandpa. I stitched around all the figures and the border. I really wanted to add sparkling satin ribbons to the gifts at the bottom (another year, maybe), but for now, it brightens a little apartment for a dear elderly man.
The "baby"!
An eastern flight took our family soon after Thanksgiving, leaving behind a definite silence and emptiness in our home. We were together for 5 months and feel so blessed for all the memories we made. We watched the infant grand daughter change daily and grow into a beautiful toddler. While the family packed suitcases, she even accomplished rolling over to reach some colorful toys. She giggles and has the brightest smiles. Now, I wait for the phone calls, carefully listening for the talking sounds which show her verbal skills keep developing, too. Her first word is definitely "ma-ma"!
visiting a sick neighbor with treats
The oldest two have experienced so many new adventures in America. I think their favorite spots are the local libraries! They are having a wonderful time with paternal family members and each phone conversation fills me in on their daily activities. Christmas is exciting for them this year! They cannot wait to see JOY in their friends' eyes when gifts they chose are opened, and they say they have bundles of hugs for all their cousins!
So, as we watch our tree lights twinkle, my Don and I are recalling this awesome year. We're thanking our God for His goodness and faithfulness to us, and for the blessing of family and friends. I also greet you during this special celebration of Christ's birth and wish you all a wonderful season with your families.

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