Saturday, June 26, 2010

piece by piece in peaceful moments

Each first Friday, I join a group of friends who love to quilt. This is totally a new adventure for me, but I am learning so many features of quilting! One of my lifelong dreams in sewing is to learn how to create handmade quilts as my grandmother did for me. I would love to pass on to my grand daughters the quilts I make and the love of sewing.

I chose a bow tie pattern for my first attempt. I loved making the little ties!
I chose colors that basically match any room in my home and eventually will have a small printed white cotton as my background.

Next the little ties made beautiful fans! Putting these together took only a couple of peaceful evenings while my guys watched their sports channel. I made a pile of 30 of them and cut out the 9 inch squares of white.

And that's how far I am right now on this fun project!

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