Friday, May 17, 2013

"Butterflies in the Garden" Fence Post Block

SAMPLE border for garden
While waiting for the butterflies to fly north to my garden, I gathered supplies for my border. I decided to keep the same theme of tone-on-tone, yet keep the floral fabrics within the garden.

Off I went to shop for fence posts fabric.
I found white-on-white in a splintered wood look.

Then, I found a soft blue that looks like a summer sky with soft wisps of clouds floating lazily.

I already had the grassy green, but after some thought, I wanted to trim my quilted garden as I do my flower gardens. I love the intense outline of dark brown chips along the border, so I browsed the store for a dark tone on tone. I found a piece that actually looks like the shades of browns cast by the chips!

With all the fabrics in hand, I began to design the border and fence posts for my butterfly garden. I'm so excited to work on these blocks.
The actual blocks will be five fence posts with blue sky, measuring a 7.5" block. I will first border my garden blocks with 1" strips of brown, then of 2" strips of green and finally, add my "white picket fence outlined by a sky blue" block rows.
My binding will be also made in the soft blue.
My quilting plan is to stitch crossbars along the posts and then use grassy green thread to make strands of grass along the fence in FMM designs.

So, thank you "Block Swappers"! Your blocks are vivid and beautiful! I've squared and arranged my rows of floral fabric blocks.
My Butterfly Garden awaits my diligent work on the fence.

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