Saturday, February 2, 2013

What was that Word again?

For me, visiting my precious family, means traveling to an island where everyone is speaking a foreign language around me. For this visit, I'm hearing mostly Bahasa Malayu. I've always loved languages, and while I'm here visiting, I would love to pick up a few simple phrases, at least.

So, on this visit I have opportunity to accompany my grand daughters to their Bahasa Malayu classes. It is the very basic elementary listening class, as vocabulary is introduced to the beginner. Using objects and pictures, the instructor says the word in Bahasa Malayu and the children point to the correct objects. She patiently repeats the words over and over, hoping to increase their listening skills as they recall words she has taught previously.

used by permission: 
I sit in the back of the room, and have a notebook of pictures. I watch her pronounce the words, then carefully watch what the little ones point to as they recognize the word she has said. This past lesson she took vocabulary and added phases to them, giving direction of what to do with the items to which they pointed.
Being a visual learner, it is also helpful for me to see the word written out, so my daughter writes out the vocabulary for me.

These photos are borrowed from the family's web page Living in Penang showing one class time. This site gives more details about the class and how my family found it. Please click the link to learn about this beautiful island and some of its interesting features. The web traffic would encourage my family and you'll read about some new adventures of every day life here on the island.
The creation of Living in Penang has hopes of making a more meaningful stay on this wonderful island for tourists, visitors, ex-pats, and just visitors, like me.

So, while I'm basking in tropical sunshine, curl up with your cup of tea and let your curiosity read a little bit about an island in the Archipelago!

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