Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog: Hour Glass Block tutorial

Now, in following the thoughts of this post, you have to realize that I am a "newbie" at this quilt making and need many teachers and demonstrators to help me along this path!
I began following some Quilter's Blogs only a couple of years ago, made a few Shop Hops with some girlfriends, visited my favorite neighborhood shops, and watched several tutorials as I plodded along, learning this wonderful hobby!
With that straightened out, let me continue this journal entry...

Northern Cardinal by Holly Taylor MODA
As expected, my sister is on to her second attempt in Quilt making!
She agreed to stay longer with me to help me with our elderly Dad, so on Saturday, we ventured out to shop for a couple hours at MSQC. She found the displayed Northern Cardinal Quilt irresistible and before I knew it, she was asking Jenny to measure fabrics at the famous tutorial place: "Jenny's Cutting Board"!
My sister even took a photo while Jenny held the quilt out, so that we can study it on the computer and learn from Jenny how to make a beautiful quilt!

Learning to Square blocks
Yesterday, my sister took her first steps of making Hour Glass Blocks from her Layer Cake. It is so fun to have someone to teach that cares about straight seams, pressed and squared as much as you do! She is fascinated with the 45 degree line and how to know you have a perfectly squared block when your project is completed.
Knowing she would need to pack her newly acquired knowledge in her home-bound suitcase for future references, I jumped on my computer to look for a tutorial on Hour Glass Blocks.
I found this link with awesome clear directions. Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog: Hour Glass Block tutorial
This gave me the ability to show my sister what I was demonstrating in actual squaring her hour glass blocks.

Perfectly Squared 
I clicked FOLLOW immediately, but also am posting this link for future references. Thank you for taking the time to journal your hobby, Amy. I will enjoy many hours of reading your blog and probably become an avid follower. I have so much to learn and appreciate all those who willingly give up valuable quilting time to record their footsteps where newbies can follow!

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