Saturday, November 19, 2011

A New Chapter..

Table & chairs are empty now...
The creaks and groans of the old house can be heard now as the cold November winds howl from the western prairie and the middle aged couple sit alone in the dusk-basked living room. They glance at each other in the silence, knowing their thoughts run along the same lines as they allow their eyes to meet and then, move to the empty couch and vacant children's chairs placed near the fireplace. Evidence of the girls' play sits in piles around the room emphasizing the good times that mark their loneliness now. Time will pass before they become accustomed again to the absence of childish chatter and busy young parents racing around to get their little ones to bed.
memories hover over the empty couch
As darkness envelops the skies, my post flows from my fingers while my husband and I relax alone in our little home again, knowing the dreaded change has taken place.
You see, one week ago, we took our precious little family to the airport, hugged them tightly, and tearfully waved goodbye as they dragged carry-ons through the gate, through inspection gates on to the first leg of their long flight plans. The beginning of a new adventure excited each of us and wrapped our sadness with little smiles of silver linings.
Realizing they were checked in and settling for the wait to board the plane for their overseas flight, we walked slowly hand-in-hand toward our parked car. A precious gift of 16 months together was over, memories tightly packed away to ponder later, and a new page was being turned toward the next chapter.
As the day progressed, the flight schedule etched on our minds, we waited for possibilities to receive a text message, wanting to know how each one was handling the long flights and jet lag struggle. Each time good connections allowed wired reports to tell us of their times for sleep, and how the little ones were taking the travel, we were relieved and praised our awesome God!
Our biggest comfort actually came from a Bible verse I read the morning of their departure. Early in the morning, I had sleepily pulled my Bible from the bedside table and asked God for just a simple word of encouragement as we all faced the departure. I love to meditate on the Psalms, and since a Bible study led me to Psalm 104, I looked it up to read this verse:
now winter winds rock the empty swings 
"He makes the clouds his chariot, and rides the wings of the wind".
I cannot tell you why or how that verse comforted me, but throughout the departure day, it sure made me smile. My God is so relevant when we seek Him for strength for each day! He knew my head would be in the clouds that took the kids away, and comforted me with His greatness with a small verse announcing His greatness that reaches even into those clouds and our winter winds!

On the way to the airport, our two older grand daughters rode with my husband and me. In our conversation, I shared the verse with them, and our 4 year old remarked, "Well, it is a very cloudy day, so maybe He can pick a good one!"
looking forward
to a new adventure
Suddenly, the oldest, deep thinking grand daughter surprised a deep burst of laughter from both my husband and me! She gently leaned over to her little sister and quietly mumbled, "M..., you have to remember that our grandmother often reads old fashioned words from that KJV version. The word 'chariot' really means 'airplane' in our version!"

Our home may hold only quiet moments now, but the adventure hovering over their lives fills our thoughts and we excitedly wait to hear the details of this big international move. We anticipate and know our prayerful hearts long to hear how the Light brightens another dark corner for His majestic glory!
As we look forward with our kids, I don't think I'll ever look up at the clouds again without a smile of memory and wonder in awe how my Majestic God chooses the clouds for his "chariot"!
"this same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven..." Acts 1:11        "...we will meet in the clouds to be with the Lord forever..." 1 Thess 4 

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