Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye dear old friend

My old friend

The pages of my calendar turned a couple of times since I first began this post, but wow! I've been so busy reading the manual unpackaged with my new "tool for sewing"! Actually, it's my new "toy" to enhance hours of crafting joys!
In November, it became necessary to spend my own Christmas gift money because the mending pile was climbing so high, causing me to get lost just entering my craft room. It seemed like each family member needed this little hole mended, or this item hemmed, or a few tucks and darts here or there...and my old friend just couldn't revive enough to help me out.
I made several excursions to the closest sewing machine shop, overwhelmed with all the new possibilities. In a few shops, the prices were staggering, comparing themselves to the ticket on a used car! Decades had passed since I even considered replacing my childhood sewing machine and it was obvious a prosperous economy has influenced even this market! I spent shopping hours in awe over the new possibilities, listening to salesmen expound on the necessities of accessories and buttons, and watched as needles created awesome stitches. I read every brochure I could find, and researched the web for information. After many days of deliberation, I wearily set a price tag in my mind for what I actually needed and wanted, determined not to be swayed or overwhelmed by "bigger and better". Armed with 3 girlfriends and their advice, I marched into the Sewing Machine shop.
My new toy...oops, I mean "tool"! 
It was difficult not to be drawn to a higher price tags, but I knew what I needed and stood firm. I purchased a 3160QDC Janome to replace my aged New Home machine. Oh, yes...a couple of weeks later, 2 of the girlfriends purchased the same model, but I think they found an even better deal!  I hope we can spend time together, learning all the possibilities this little machine can create for us!
She's a beautiful machine & cabinet
Nostalgia still draws my heart to the dear old friend for simplicity and familiarity, but the parts are old and need to retire before I spend too much for repairs. Doesn't she sit in such a beautiful cabinet?
We've spent many hours together while making most of the clothes for my girls. But the time has come to stretch with electronic abilities and join new technology in a reasonable fashion and without too much debt inflicted. My SIL has offered to place her on Craig's list for me so, I'm hoping she finds a wonderful home.
Visions of quilting projects now invade my dreams as I read the manual on my Janome. This little machine has so many beautiful stitches that will be useful and fun. So far, I love the new stretch stitch with double needles for many of the knit tee-shirts that needed mending. Matter of fact, I found mending a breeze with just a touch of a button!
As soon as the mending pile disappeared, I tackled some new pre-washed fabrics on my cutting table and created Christmas gifts for my sisters! It was so much fun to sew on my new Janome!
So, Happy New Year, dear blog friends.
May all your dreams be stitched in time and pleasure be found with your "friend" this year!

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