Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wow! I did it!

Well, the sandwich was ready, the feed dog down, the darning foot attached, the lines drawn on each 4.5" square, and the machine's tension checked.

Now it was time to make the first LOOP!
Practice showed me that I could do it, but this was the real thing...a quilt I wanted my sister to have!

With bated breath, I stepped on my foot control and moved my hands in a steady rate, like I had practiced over and over! One figure 8, turn the quilt and finish the loop with another figure 8!
It was done...and it really looked like it was supposed to look! Wow!

I did it! I really can free motion quilt...and it looks cute!
Oh, thank you, Eva Larkin, for your wonderful book and your encouragement to newbies like me!